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Advertising on Links999

Advertising is easy, inexpensive and long lasting on Links999. Remember, text advertising still works best. What? You don't advertise on "small" web sites? More fool you. Please do spend thousands of dollars a month on the Googles of this world - maybe you even get your money's worth. Some do. They certainly spend a lot to make you believe this is so. But can you afford it? Unless you are a big business that kind of spending hurts more than it's worth. And it's risky. And takes constant monitoring.

We've been around for 10 years now and our guarantee, on the other hand, is that for $50 you get a 1-year listing (we usually leave it for 2) that will pay for itself within a month on average. That's a very small investment indeed that will have returned within a single sale on your part. We're the smarter choice and we don't do reciprocal links.

So just pick one of the choices below or mail us for other advertising options.

FREE listings are possible ONLY for non-profit organizations and editorial contributions. Although this generally does NOT apply to new products from commercial companies. Do let us know! Click here.


Option Details


High profile listing

Site listing will be at the top of your selected page for a year (from date of placement).

A full description of your products and services is included. A (small) picture or logo can be added.

Your site will also be listed at the regular listing section of the page (see below).


Regular listing

Your site will be listed at the listings section of your selected page for a year (from date of placement).

A description of your products and services is included. No pictures.


Editorial listing

People are most inclined to click on a link inside an editorial so your site will be part of the editorial text for a year (from date of placement).

(We will refuse if we do not think the product is good enough!)

one year


Banner advertising

Banners are still the most visible of any internet advertising. We only have one single banner location to insure proper visibility and effectiveness.

Maximum rotation is four banners on any page. You get full access to see how your banner is doing.

The email address you see is This is correct.
Other advertising options are also possible. Just ask us.


Other payment option

If you are in a country from which PayPal does not accept credit card payments, or if you do not want PayPal charges, or if you prefer other payment options, such as a bank transfer contact me at
(If you are outside the U.S. or E.U. bank charges may increase the total amount.)


Rules of placement


There are a few simple rules applicable to the placement of submissions, sponsored links and advertising:

1. All submissions are subject to approval and suitability. This means that if you sell flowers or are a travel agency, chances are high you will be refused. All listings and advertising needs to fit in with Links999 and its content clearly.

2. All FREE submissions are subject to editing of content. This means no advertising texts or words.

3. Placement of paid advertising starts at the date on which payment is received by us (you will be notified as soon as payment has been received).

4. Charge backs on any payment will result in immediately removal of any submission or advertising, removal of the free listing and subsequent ban on Links999 and any other associated web site. Furthermore, you forfeit our privacy rules and we are free to give out your information as we see fit.




We do NOT give out details of personal information entered on any of our forms. 


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