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Hovercraft index

Introduction to hovercraft

Hovercraft history

Hovercraft news

The introduction to hovercraft page gives an overview of what a hovercraft - or air cushion vehicle - is and what it does.

Hovercraft history covers the development of hovercraft since conception in the mid-19th century through to today.

Browse through and submit news items concerning hovercraft and other air cushion vehicles.

Hovercraft development 

Hovercraft construction

Hovercraft plans and schematics

Hovercraft development deals with new developments concerning existing problems and new research into ACV's. 

Hovercraft construction deals with the details, intricacies and problems of hovercraft and the different types of propulsion.  

If you think you can construct a hovercraft or similar vehicle without a good construction plan and decent schematics, think again. Get them here.

Hovercraft materials and kits 

Hovercraft in use

Hovercraft images

Want to build your own hovercraft to scoot around town in - where permitted, of course - then this section tells you where and how much.

Despite being little publicized hovercraft are in the use the world over, as trucks, barges, cranes, ferries, boats and as recreation and exploration vehicles.

There are many hovercraft in use of all shapes and sizes. This image gallery is for everyone to see them. Want a photo of your hovercraft here? Let us know.

Military hovercraft

Model size hovercraft

Hovercraft clubs, events and sites

The military have been amongst the first to recognize and capitalize on the advantages of hovercraft and other air cushion vehicles. See (some of them) here.

Not all of us aspire to full size hovercraft and not just because of the cost. Model size hovercraft are just as much fun and can be used everywhere.

Worldwide there are many hovercraft enthusiasts that like to get together, organize meetings, shows and races to show their stuff. Join them here.

Hovercraft newsgroups and discussion


Having trouble with construction or just want to talk about problems or meet hovercraft friends and professionals? Here is where they are when not in the garage.


Hovercraft Books and Information on construction, design and other issues


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