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Artificial intelligence index

Introduction to artificial intelligence

History of artificial intelligence

Moral and ethical issues of artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence and how does it affect our daily lives? And how will it affect our future? Will intelligent machines take our jobs, control our schools and governments?

The desire to create artificially intelligent machines goes back longer than you think. Why is it that we are never satisfied with our human capabilities but have always had the need to built a better human? The debate on the usefulness of artificial intelligences has been going on for a number of years now and, as more artificial brains and machines are being developed, is poised to take center stage once again. What are your thoughts?

AI research and development

AI software

AI web sites and newsgroups

Is science for the sake of science necessary? Do we really need to create or built something just because we can? AI research is at the forefront of future tech. But do we really need it?

No intelligence without reasoning ability. Or so we believe taking ourselves as an example. Designing software to mimic reasoning and deductive ability is no easy task.   Whether you are working in the field of robotics and artificial intelligences, a hobbyist or just interested, there is a lot of discussion and exchange of thought about this issue. Join in!
Artificial Intelligence reference materials


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