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Robots index

Introduction to robot technology

Robot news and development

Robot and android ethical issues

Robot technology is one of the fastest growing areas of modern science. Long imprisoned in the realm of science fiction, modern day robots and automatons perform tasks aptly suited to them, saving humans from harmful environments.

Stay up to date with news and development in robotics, androids and automatons.

In factories and other workplaces robots have taken the jobs away from humans. But would you want to do the same repetitive work day in day out for any number of years? Possibly in a hazardous environment? But what about robot teachers and bureaucrats?

Robot gallery

Robot hardware and kits

Robot software

Have a look at the different robots in use today - manufacturing, testing, exploring, building and entertaining.

What exactly makes up a robot body and brain? Is it just wires and metal or is wetware and other organic material involved. And how do we classify cyborgs?

Positronic or logarithmic, robots need programming. But what do we program them with - logic, feelings, reasoning or none of the above?

Androids and humanoid robots

Robots in space

Robot newsgroups

That most enticing and controversial of all robots - the android. If god made us in his image are we gods to robots?


While the title sounds like a science fiction spoof the fact is that robots are taking the forefront in tackling that final frontier - space.

Need to discuss the ethical issues concerning robots and artificial intelligence? Join a newsgroup or discussion forum.



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