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Robots and Artificial Intelligence. Kits, materials, robots in use. Man over robot? Build your own robot and more.


Utopia - a new future

Utopia, where life is good, business is fair and the world is clean. But how to get there? What do we need to do to reach Utopia?

The future is here but for us to make.

The Utopia section of Links999 is an on-going development and is open to input.


Food and agriculture What is the best way to grow and manufacture food?
Health How do we achieve good health and how do we keep it?
Housing Durable and adequate housing.
Society How can society be fair and equal to all?
Business What are the best business practices?
Science Does science have all the answers?
Education What do we need to know and what is the best way of learning.
The natural world Manage and protect our planet.
The environment World futures.
Energy How best to win and sustain energy.
Government How do we govern ourselves?


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