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News and development of robots and android humanoids

Rapid advancements in robotics


Keeping up to date in the field of robotics is a full time task. The number of companies, institutes and organizations that are conducting research in this exciting field are numerous. 

The advancement of robot technology is quite amazing. A few years ago there was only experimental research with a few - mainly automobile - factories using robots for assembly or process work such as welding and spray painting (see also Introduction to robotics).

Today, robots can be found in virtually every field, from medical to transport, industrial to recreation. They are slowly becoming part of the background furniture of modern society without most people realizing it.

Whether this is a good thing or not is debatable (see Robot Ethical Issues) but at many levels and places it has become necessary or more cost effective. Industrial robots, such as those in car manufacturing plants, have taken over the jobs of human laborers where this has been repetitive, monotonous or hazardous to humans.

They do the job at least as well, if not better than humans, never complain about physical problems (as long as they are maintained) and do not need days off. In fact, many industrial robots work 24 on 7 on 52 without difficulty.

Robotics news and Information

BBC - The Rise of the Robots
MCB Robot Journal (UK)
NASA - Space Tele Robotics Program
RobotCafé - robot directory - News and information
Robotics Online - robot webzine
UN/ECE Robot Statistics - United Nations industrial robots acquisitions statistics

Robotics Research & Design

Columbia University - Robotics Group (USA)
First Corporation - Robotics competition (USA)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Robotics division (USA)
Georgia Tech University - Mobile Robot Lab (USA)
Robot Vision - University of Massachusetts Amhurst (USA)
Stanford University - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (USA)



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